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Two girls, on a Mission.

Let’s introduce ourselves..

HI! I’m Gina.

wouldya like some berries?

wouldya like some berries?

Born & Raised in the Mitten State (Michigan), I moved out to Massachusetts for work after I graduated school.  I have a background in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Education.  What led me to smoothie bowls? Well, in college my health and fitness fluctuated quite a bit.  Eventually however, I started actually caring about what I was putting into my body.  I began exercising on a regular basis and began eating more whole foods.  Naturally, I became a healthier version of myself and I was feeling great.  I was also becoming more adventurous in my food – making conquests.  By this – I mean I was finally using the stove, oven, learning how to best chop/slice through different veggies.  I was remembering all of the delicious meals my mother would make for our family and I was copying them.

Sidenote: Shoutout to my wonderful mother who always insisted that we eat as a family at the table for every dinner and who showed me what a true healthy meal looks like.. and tastes like.

Senior year of college I took a course called “Environmental Ethics” that completely slapped me in the face with the idea of ‘food justice’ and ‘food deserts’.  Never had I imagined that some people would be limited on what types of foods they have access too.  Ignorant, right? Well it really was a wake up call for me.  I began volunteering in local elementary schools and teaching children about nutrition and whole foods.  You know what’s amazing? When a child has never had a TOMATO in it’s whole form – they’ve only ever had it via salsa, ketchup, etc. Yeah.

Sidenote #2: Read about this experience here: http://www.edibleandequitable.wordpress.com

 Fast forward through graduation, living on my own in Mass, and here I am now.  I am obsessed with food. Seriously.  Now, I don’t have a background in nutritional sciences.  But I do know some tid bits from personal experience about which foods are beneficial for certain things… carrots and sweet potatoes have a lots of Vitamin A, beets are cleansing for the blood… But more importantly (for me), I have an understanding that what I eat is my medicine.  What I put into my body has a direct impact on my well-being.  I understand that I physically AND mentally AND spiritually feel FULLER when I am being good to myself.

Not only being good to myself my maintaining my nutrition, but also by working my body physically.  I am a work-out fanatic.  I’m a runner – although I’ve taken a few months off to try different styles of work outs.  I completed my first half marathon 2 summers ago – an accomplishment that I credit to improvements in my nutrition.  I’ve been a gym rat.. free weights, cardio machines, yoga, .. my most recent fitness adventure has been a series of home workout videos based around HIIT and body-weight movements.  Yes, Insanity- style workouts.  These 30 minute workouts are killer.

Basically, I love to challenge myself physically and by increasing my physical strength, I am mentally able to withstand more as well.

It’s all a positive feedback circle/loop/cycle/whatever you want to call it.  Whole-body wellness is achieved through being good to yourself in what you feed your body, how you use your body, and by maintaining a positive mindset – for me, at least. 🙂

Last but not least: some specs –

I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. So, I’ve become a kitchen experimenter.  How can a make a dessert healthy? WAIT. Bananas are like soft serve ice cream if you blend them up and freeze them! Pure pumpkin puree mixed with a little non-dairy milk  warmed up on the stovetop is basically pumpkin pudding. Cinnamon is a perfect sweetener. Smoothie bowls are amazing.

I am not vegetarian – I eat seafood. I also eat greek yogurt and hardboiled eggs. Will eat other meat if it is on someone’s ‘menu’. HOWEVER – I am contemplating veganism, although have not yet committed. I need more information.. but am seeing more and more how/why it might be a good choice for me – it is in line with my values and my health concerns. I guess I just need a bit more to push me over the edge. Will post about this at somepoint, I’d love opinions and stories.

The posts that I author may end up with some fitness-related tid bits. Who knows.

I love to create, inspire and be inspired.

Looking forward to sharing my food & fitness & feelings with you all. Much Love ❤

Hi, I’m Hadley                   IMG_4255

Welcome to Gina and my whole food plant-based wholistic nutrition blog!

A desire to share my interest in nutrition and health with as many people as possible made a blog the next logical step for me. Gina and I met and work at Atomic Cafe in Newburyport, MA. We both care deeply about the importance of organic, real whole food in people’s lives and knew that the resources out there were not enough to inspire people to get on the WFPB (whole food plant-based) bandwagon. We aspire to be that inspiration for whoever we can reach!

I was super lucky to be raised in a home with mostly organic things, food or otherwise. For those from Massachusetts, you might remember Bread and Circus market in Cambridge. Trips there to get food were memorable and made an impression when I was young. Foods that we got there then are considered new superfoods now! Early exposure to quinoa, seaweeds, kale, and vegan alternatives like tofu and Nayonaise (soy mayo) gave me a head start in the nutrition department.

Sidenote: A thank you to my Mom too for raising me with exposure to organic holistic nutrition and health!!! 

I went to college for Early Childhood Education and taught infants through K/1, and also taught in non-traditional educational settings like the Museum of Science and Montserrat College of Art’s Young Artists’ Program. Although I loved teaching, I decided to spend some time working at coffeeshops and cafes while assessing where my career path was going. I have always had an interest in health and nutrition, and as years have past I have learned and gotten more committed to my wellbeing. While working as a barista in at Breaking New Grounds (hey guys!) I realized that I was spending so much time and energy researching and reading (textbooks! for fun!) that I might as well go to school and pursue wholistic nutrition as a career. So glad that I did…

I am currently a Masters of the Arts candidate for a degree in Holistic Nutrition and Mindfulness with a focus on Public Policy.  It is a self-designed program through Lesley University where I was lucky enough to go for my undergrad B.S. as well. My course of study is designed around the educational standards put out by the N.A.N.P. (National Association of Nutrition Professionals), and my goal is to graduate and become board certified in Holistic Nutrition. In the meantime I am trying to live what I advocate and want to share that journey with all of you!

Some of my goals besides being mindfully plant-based (which means if you wouldn’t kill/procure the animal/animal product -which I couldn’t bring myself to do- don’t eat it, and even if you could keep it under the healthy 10% level of your diet and of course ethical and humane), are to be 100% whole food, sugar free, and oil/ extract free. In other words follow in the very prestigious and intimidating footsteps of Drs. Esselstyn and Campbell. Cutting out processed food was easy for me especially when you mindfully think of where it’s coming from…ew!

Cutting out oils and sugars besides honey was not too hard either, but cutting out honey and fatty foods that harm the endothelial cells but that are so good like coconut and avocado has been so much more difficult!

My goal is for my experimentation to try to find EASY (I am NOT a cook and unless I’m doing it with someone I’d rather never ever and live off of Chinese take out), HEALTHY, DELICIOUS, and BEAUTIFUL aesthetically pleasing solutions to the question of “what am I going to eat today?” Also and so importantly I truly want these ideas to be CHEAP! I don’t have the income to be getting all kinds of crazy trendy and obscure ingredients and most people don’t either. I do believe that it is important to get all organic foods so any way to cut cost is super helpful!  

If we can inspire someone to create a healthy environment for themselves and their loved ones, because it IS holistic- it’s not just about food, and feed their bodies, minds and souls with positive healthy energy? Then we have so succeeded. So please let us know what you think, what you are interested in, if we have helped in any way…!

Wishes for health and happiness to you all

❤ Hadley Johnson


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