Welcome to Happy Belly Smoothie Bowls by Gina & Hadley

We’re bringing you smoothie bowls, alternative and holistic creations and good vibes all the way from the North Shore of Massachusetts!

We are passionate about delicious, beautiful, healthful , wholesome foods.

We want to share our bowls & creations with anyone who is interested and we hope to inspire some creativity in the kitchen.  Eating healthfully can be like Art Class – you can put your own personality into every dish you design.

Health & Nutrition are important.  So is eating/buying locally.  We hope to include as much local produce in our creations as possible.  Living on the North Shore, we are lucky to be surrounded by so many small farms and CSAs.  We are also interested in making cooking and healthful eating accessible for everyone – whether that means supporting local farms in their enterprises, or by sharing even the most basic but still extremely nutritious and delicious recipes.

Smoothie Bowls are just so much FUN, period.  You get to be as artsy-fartsy as you want and honestly, it’s like a science experiment every time.  Who wouldn’t want to turn their kitchen into a full-out science-lab? The extra bonuses that come with the produce and toppings that you can add are endless.

 You don’t have to ‘eat your peas’, you can blend you peas….

right into your bright green smoothie bowl! 🙂

Join us on our smoothie bowl journey and let us know what you’re doing in your kitchen to make healthy eating exciting.

Love & Smoothies from the North Shore,

Gina & Hadley


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