Acai Dessert Bowl

As Gina begins her 30 days of being vegan journey, I feel compelled to also try a challenge.

I have been raw in the past and as it becomes sunnier and more spring like out I find myself only wanting beautiful raw foods. Something about cooked food never seems quite as visually appealing to me, and something Gina and I talk about pretty frequently is how important the visual aesthetic of food is.

Beautiful food makes you pause, and like we do, take a picture, or just admire… Taking in the bright phytonutrient rich colors, the textures, the beauty of plants and all they can do for you. This pausing or reflection is a form of meditation and mindfulness.

Mindfulness with food can mean reflecting on where your food came from, how it got to your plate (or bowl!) and how it is healing and healthy for you, as well as what it will taste like. I believe mindfulness is crucial to eating a healthy diet. If you are mindful you probably won’t eat that processed cookie from the factory halfway around the world because if you really picture the process… ew! Also you are less likely to eat an animal product unless you would be willing to kill/ procure the product yourself, and even if you are willing, you are more likely to be aware of the humane ethical issues involved and take them into consideration.

Mindfulness also means paying attention to true hunger rather than eating out of boredom, and the reverse, making time to eat when you are hungry! It also means taking time to nourish your body rather than eating in a rush. When food is not art it is just sustenance. And that is not conducive to mindful appreciation or sustenance for you soul.

With beauty and mindfulness in mind, I took a look at at some recent food pictures I had taken, both mine and inspiration from other people, and noticed that the ones that really grabbed me and inspired me were raw.

Raw colors were more vibrant, textures more vivid, healthy and sunshine just radiating out of the foods. This is the kind of inspiration that fuels excitement, and excitement is a pretty good motivating factor for anything, including healthy eating!

So as Gina does her 30 days of veganism, I will be doing 30 days of raw veganism. I also am still avoiding nuts and oils to support my father on his Esselstyn inspired diet, and to preemptively avoid heart disease myself! As it is best for my body, and I don’t have heart disease, I am back to using other high healthy fat foods like avocado and coconut in their whole food form. Also, after much debate, we decided smoothies and the occasional raw juice are staying in our lives. While the fiber is separated out and therefore reduces the health value, the joy and ease of healthy eating that smoothies give to us make them a keeper.

Whatever motivates you and inspires you on your plant-based journey is a beautiful thing and should be something you aspire to continue to have in your life. Seek knowledge (about everything! not just nutrition and health! 🙂 ) and then fit it into your life, but make sure to keep what you are passionate about and what inspires you too!

This raw vegan acai bowl tastes like red velvet cake. If you haven’t yet tried acai powder go do it! It’s nutty and sweet and delicious and so healthy and full of those dark purple/ black antioxidants and phytonutrients that keep us glowing and healthy!



-organic unsweetened vanilla coconut milk

-organic wild blueberries

-organic strawberries

-lots of organic raw acai powder

Decorated with:

-organic strawberries

-organic raw sprouted pumpkin seeds

-organic raw sprouted watermelon seeds

-organic raw acai powder

-organic raw coconut


Have a beautiful day and treat yourself well! ❤


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