So this is a creation not a bowl, of course. But toast is something I have almost every day and it deserves attention.

With a crazy busy schedule and the good fortune to live downtown and the consequence of going out a lot for lunch, dinner and drinks…I never know when or what I’m doing later in the day. Preparing a big lunch or dinner is so out of the question it doesn’t even seem like an option. Toasts can be made in a second and are delicious and can be as filling as you want. And you can have two or as many as you want.. Then when you find yourself having dinner later you’re not so full and, if you end up staying in you can make more! Or make something else, but either way it’s a low key way to get in lots of nutrients on your own time without fuss. Which is so important.

My preference for a toast base is a plain, organic obviously (Gina says “organic obviously” should be our motto 🙂 ) rice cake. They are light and so tasty and work for people who are gluten-free as well. Get ones that are oil free and sugar free (in all its sneaky forms including brown rice syrup, shame on you Lundberg Farms!) A little salt isn’t terrible, sea salt at least has nutrients and hasn’t been terribly processed, but salt- free is always better. Lundberg Farms has a (yay!) sugar free Mochi rice cake that is heavenly. I LOVE mochi.

By the way: Brown rice mochi, especially filled with adzuki bean paste, is something we are going to have to definitely experiment with. ❤

So, if you are not a rice cake fan? Try a thin slice of toast or dense bread that has no oil, no sugar, just whole healthy grains. The Original Ezekiel bread is fantastic and available lots of places.

I used to always have my next layer be mashed avocado, but not that I am trying to follow the Esselstyn way of thinking, with no excessive fats that damage your endothelial cells I needed an alternative. Hummus is something that Gina and I had so much fun experimenting with early on and so I decided that would be a good avocado substitute.

I bought a pound of:

-dry organic chickpeas ($1.99 and it could’ve been cheaper if from a bulk bin)

…and fast soaked them (rinse, add water, boil, let soak, rinse). Then instead of adding oil or tahini, which is super fatty even if no-oil, I added:

-fresh organic lemon juice

-organic balsamic vinegar

-organic spices (black pepper, dill, oregano, marjoram, thyme, basil, rosemary, sage)

All smooshed together it created the yummiest hummus I have ever had ever ever ever.


This is HALF the hummus that resulted. And thats a really big bowl.

So I just went and checked… that bowl holds 3 cups. So it made about 6 cups! Honestly I can’t tell you for sure because I ate a lot of it as it was being made. It was just so good and taste testing is important right?

So perfect middle layer. Then toppings can be whatever veggies you have on hand that fit on the toast. Which is most anything. Dark leafy greens are always a good bet so I started with that, and just a reminder that you can cook veggies in a little bit of water, just keep an eye and add more if you need to. Too much water gets rid of all the good nutrients (drain veggie water as it has toxins from any cruciferous veggies), and oils and butters are just unnecessary.

So I added:

-organic kale

-organic cauliflower florets

-organic tomato slices

-little bit of organic balsamic vinegar and lemon juice on the kale while it was cooking

The result was yum and so incredibly filling it was strange, or maybe that’s the hummus I ate earlier when I was making it…

❤ Hadley and Gina

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 2


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