Adzuki Genmai Breakfast

Recently, it seems that the idea that juice, even raw, is just sugar water has been applied to smoothies as well. When the fruit or veggies are blended that much it separates out the fiber and the food hits your system really fast. I was of course really sad to learn this because smoothies are a staple in my life..

I do think any whole food plant-based diet is healthy, and any step in the direction of health should be applauded. There’s very little to be gained from being very strict in regards to nutrition or anything really. Also, though, it’s important to try to do what’s best and not give up either. So I set out to change my smoothie bowl breakfast which I have every day to anther kind of breakfast bowl.

The parameters I set for myself were as such:

1) It had to be breakfasty at least a little bit. Miso soup is a staple breakfast item in Japanese diet, but I wanted this to fit into the Western idea of breakfast. So I decided I wanted it to be sweet. Also I am used to smoothie bowls and wanted it to be similar.

2) Following the first point, it should have fruit. I love fresh fruit.

3) It needed to be a complete and satisfying meal. With a crazy hectic schedule I rely on my breakfast before I leave the house to be enough to carry me through until I get time for something else.

4) It had to be easy to make. Because cooking is hard. (Gina’s really good at it; I’m not.)

A topping of fruit and sprouted seeds was an easy place to start. The base was more difficult but fun to figure out. Veggies and fruits were out as they would need to be blended to really make a bowl base (otherwise it would be a fruit salad of some sort and that’s just not satisfying or fun). Gina had a great idea of a baked apple base, but the non-cook in me was way too lazy for that. Also it’s spring! Basically! So that left grains and beans, because in case you have read the previous posts I’m not having high fat foods like nuts. Tofu is an easy options but I wanted something that was good for guys as well as girls and too much soy isn’t good for men. So grains and beans…

Most beans are not very breakfast and also are not my favorite food, but adzuki beans are the best! Also called red beans, they are really common in Japan, and are kind of sweet. When I visited Japan there was even a Adzuki Bean Frappaccino, which I had and it tasted like strawberry shortcake! No comment on the fact that I had a Frappaccino at Starbucks…it was AGES ago, really.

My favorite grain is rice because it’s gluten free and easy to find for the most part. I was gluten free mostly for a while and I think it has it’s benefits. Too much gluten or grains in general is not the best idea because it takes away from the amount of fruits and veggies you’re eating, which really should be the basis of your diet. Some people really feel sick from gluten and others, like me, feel better with minimal amounts. Gluten free grains like quinoa and buckwheat are just not very sweet, breakfasty, or easy in my opinion. Brown, red, or black rice is better than white, with the nutritional value increasing the darker the color is.

Beans on their own are kind of difficult to conceptualize in a Western breakfast, and rice on its own is kind of savory-ish and not very exciting. So I wanted to mix the two. Red bean paste mochi (kind of like dumplings) made with brown rice (genmai in Japanese) would be a yummy base but are hard to find and sometimes have added sugar. Then I stumbled on a recipe for a brown rice and adzuki bean porridge and fell in love.

Adzuki Genmai Porridge Base

-organic brown rice

-organic adzuki beans

See the recipe that I found here, it’s easy to follow and works well:

It was easy even with my standards and will last in the fridge for a couple future bowls, saving lots of time which is always appreciated.

I topped this morning’s bowl with:

-organic strawberries

-organic blackberries

-organic raspberries

-organic sprouted pumpkin seeds

-organic raw vanilla bean powder

Love to you all and get ready for some real spring weather this week, and go out and explore and be in the sun!

❤ ❤ Hadley and Gina



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