Beautiful & Blue/Green: The Spirulina Bowl

My last phone upgrade was to the current Android that I am using today. Why bring up cell phones here? Well, being an owner of an Android, I was able to access the Instagram App.  For years and years (exaggeration) I found myself wishing that my Windows Phone had at least a version of Instagram.  Nope. So I went on, envious of the Instagram users I knew.  I have always enjoyed creative, aesthetically pleasing, interesting things and I used to be able to say that phtography was one of my past times.  So Instagram was right up my alley.  And then, UPGRADE! With the upgrade came Instagram.

And with Instagram came more time wasting but more importantly more INSPIRATION. Instagram introduced me to myriads of recipes and ideas – much like Pinterest but less intmidating and more realistic. In my opinion, at least.  I found myself scrolling through different Food-based feeds, looking at different artists’ creations, trying those recipes and ideas out myself.

Okay to sum up all of this Insta-love here… I discovered Smoothie Bowls.

Which brings it all back to this blog and our new adventure we (and you as the reader) are partaking in.

The Smoothie Bowls I have seen created on Instagram continue to provide inspiration and food-lust.  So this bowl was inspired by some of that inspiration – specifically COLOR related inspiration.  We all know how to make a green smoothie – stick a handful of Kale into the blender and voila! Purples aren’t too tricky either.

Bright pink, well without access to the beautiful dragonfruit, it took a little more creativity.  So we welcomed Beets to the smoothie bowl (see the result here:

Now, some Instagram feeds have been delivering BLUE smoothie bowls. Huh? Yes, bright blue base colors with all of the wonderful toppings.  I wanted to try to make this color.

The magic ingredient?


Spirulina is actually a type of blue-green algae that is high in protein, iron and other important vitamins – specifically B-12.  It is used to build muscle, increase endurance and energy and turn smoothie bowls blue. Read more about the benefits of Spirulina here :

Spirulina can have a funky taste to some, even for me it isn’t extremely enjoyable .. and I am NOT a picky taster at all. I can appreciate most tastes for their unique qualities, but spirulina is tough.  So, the base of this bowl includes Apples and Kiwi – tart fruits – to dilute the spirulina taste.

The spirulina I had was not as blue, but more green. I got it in the bulk spice/herb section at Common Crow Natural Grocer in Gloucester, MA.  Nevertheless, with some guessing/checking and science lab experimenting, I got a nice blue/green color.. not the bright blue I’ve seen on IG, but I’m going to experiment with different spirulina powder brands/styles to see what I can get next time.

Here it is!

The Spirulina Bowl

Spirulina creates beautiful teal colors

Spirulina creates beautiful teal colors





Raw coconut water


Organic Burst Wheatgrass Powder

A few blueberries


Strawberry – cut into hearts, aw!


Hemp seeds

Buckwheat groats

Toasted Sesame seeds

Shredded coconut

Dried cranberries&golden raisins

Raw homemade Bliss Balls crumbled up into Rawnola 🙂 – will describe below


Bliss Ball ingredients include:


Rolled oats

Tahini & PB

Cacao Nibs


ONE mini banana for sweetener, along with a touch of Lucuma Powder

Organic Burst Maca

These babies are RAW and delicious.. Maca providing an energy boost and the tahini/peanut butter combo make them taste like PB cookie dough.  YUM. Super easy, quick and you can add/alter the ingredients however you’d like. Just as long as they are sticky enough to roll into balls 🙂

Quick Advertisement for Organic Burst – just ordered my first round of Maca/Wheatgrass powder from this company. Organic Burst carries different ‘superfood’ powders/granules/capsules that you can add to your smoothies, soups, salads, etc. to increase your general awesomness & health. Check them out:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My first Organic Burst purchases

My first Organic Burst purchases

Well. Happy belated Valentines Day.

Hope we all spent the day loving ourselves FIRST and foremost.

Peace & Love & Smoothie Bowls

Gina & Hadley

P.S. Looking forward to writing about my own personal ‘To go Vegetarian and/or Vegan 100% (I eat eggs, some seafood and Greek yogurt) or NOT to go Vegetarian and/or Vegan’ debate.  Curious about others’ food habits, choices and opinions.  Let us know!

The Book that furthered my internal debate. WHAT A WONDERFUL BOOK, though. SO good.

The Book that furthered my internal debate. WHAT A WONDERFUL BOOK, though. SO good.. whether you’re a Vegetarian or not – REMEMBER, I (Gina) am NOT (yet).  Hadley, on the other hand, represents the Vegan community. So we balance each other out! 🙂


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