Taste The Jungle

This smoothie bowl was the last on a long list of kitchen enterprises yesterday.

Beginning with Kimchi, made from (mostly) local cabbage and other beautiful root vegetables.

Next,a ‘Raw-Slaw’ again made with those local veggies & some homemade lemon tahini garlic ginger etc etc. dressing

Third. Some Black Sesame Tahini Cookies (photo below)

Last BUT not least, the smoothie bowl creation of the day:

The Jungle Bowl


Banana. Surprise!



Cashew Milk





(Mini) Banana Coins

Black Sesame Seeds

Shredded Coconut

Whole Coconut meat slices

Buckwheat Groats

Raw Shelled Hemp Seed

Roasted Cacao Nibs

Organic Cinnamon

Jungle Peanuts

Processed with VSCOcam

The Jungle Bowl

The Jungle Bowl was definitely one of the more Guess & Check type bowls.  One of my goals is to have at least 1 veggie in the base.  I also feel it is important that the drinker/eater of the bowl is able to taste this veggie! Of course, some added veggies are added to give the bowls their color (see last Bowl), but when you throw Spinach in your smoothie, can you tell it’s there? I mean, besides the beautiful green color, do you TASTE the spinach? I know not everyone enjoys the taste of Spinach, or lots of other vegetables even.  So sneaking them into your diet is one way to reap the health benefits, definitely.

What if, though, we started enjoying the taste of these veggies? I’m not trying to convert anyone’s taste buds here, but what if we tried a bit harder to appreciate the vegetables for their taste AND their health benefits?  Wouldn’t it be THAT much easier to get in all 6-8 recommended servings throughout the day? We like to think of our smoothie bowls as a ‘gateway’ into a healthy lifestyle.  Beginning to enjoy the taste of vegetables blended into your smoothie bowls will help you add them to your other meals throughout the day and actually ENJOY them and SAVOR them in your other meals.  As much fun as it would be, we know it’s not really reasonable to consume smoothie bowls for breakfast, lunch & dinner (or whatever way you eat meals each day).  Let these fun smoothie bowls be a way for your taste buds to develop and start appreciating more tastes!

Anywho, just a thought I had this morning as I was enjoying the leftovers of this bowl.  As I was appreciating that I could actually taste the celery in the base, I realized that that was what I had enjoyed so much about the Beet Bowl too – I could taste the beets and their flavor blended in so nicely with the fruit.

Even celery – a mostly water-based vegetable that on its own is not extremely flavorful – I could really taste the celery and the flavor added a nice mellow, creamy note to the otherwise very fruity bowl. I had to add about 2 whole stalks – not just hearts – I mean entire stalks.  But the great thing about celery is that its moisture helped the smoothie blend up in the NutriBullet (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PRODUCT FOR SMOOTHIE MAKING).

So to end this post I want to make a quick note about the toppings.  I named this the Jungle Bowl to highlight the tropical toppings.. including the cute-ly named ‘Jungle Peanuts’.  Jungle Peanuts are actually an heirloom nut, hailing from the Amazon. The toppings also included papaya – a beautiful tropical fruit that aids in digestion (this papaya was not yet fully ripened. I just couldn’t help myself .. more restraint will be had next time), as well as some mini-banana slices! If you’ve never bought a bunch of mini-bananas at the grocery store for $0.56 on a whim, you should do this tomorrow. I’ve always felt that the mini/baby bananas are even more of a treat because of their rich banana flavor and creamy texture.

Of course, coconut = tropical. I could eat coconut all day.

& Black Sesame Seed – not necessarily in the tropical sector, but something new & flavorful – nutty and crunchy, surprisingly noticeable in foods.

For example: These Tahini Black Sesame Seed Cookies!

Sweetened with banana & honey, NOT GF as I used the local & farm fresh whole wheat, and instead of chocolate chips, I used cacao.

Hand - shaped into hearts <3 (for V-day, ya know?)

Hand – shaped into hearts


Eat the Rainbow & while you’re at it, why don’t you start really TASTING the Rainbow too?

Love ❤

Gina & Hadley

Some more pink to add to your day..

Rainbow Turnips from Alprilla Farm

Watermelon Radishes (not Rainbow Turnips..I made that up) from Alprilla Farm


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