Today’s post is Beet – related.

What I love most about beets is how intrusive they are.  I mean, the second you cut into a beet.. raw, cooked. roasted,.. it WILL take over your meal.  The color, I mean.  Beets have a nice subtly sweet flavor, nothing too overpowering, in my opinion.  The sweetness is brought out even more by roasting and this also makes them easier to peel.

I’ve seen beautiful bright pink smoothie bowls on Instagram and related sites, usually pinkened by Pitaya.  Pitaya is a tropical fruit that I have only ever had when in Central America.  Of course, we import them, but they are only found every so often in local grocery stores.  There are sources for ordering them online in frozen packs, but I haven’t tried that avenue..

So I figured, why not beets? They are bold and beautiful and very pink/purple/red, depending on how much you add to a recipe.  Plus, beets are super duper good for the body.  Any veggie that colorful has to be, right? No seriously,;Eat the Rainbow’ are a few words I live my life by. Beets are liver & blood cleansing and full of vitamins and minerals.

I give you.. Beet my Valentine Bowl ❤

Happy Belly Smoothie Bowl
Numero 2:

Roasted Beet
Raw Coconut water
Organic coconut milk

Kiwi slices
Raw organic almond pieces
Organic shredded coconut
Shaved cacao
Organic raw shelled hempseeds
Organic buckwheat groats
Gina & Hadley Rawnola

And of course, Love …

The tanginess of the berries really gives this one a kick. 😉

Beet My Valentine?

Beet My Valentine?

So I ended up putting the finished product in the freezer for a bit and then brought it over to a neighbor’s potluck as “Ice Cream”!  We all grabbed spoons and went at it. Just another way to consume a smoothie bowl .. community style. 🙂


Did I say I did a lot with beets yesterday?  Well I did.. being snowed in does the trick.

The first Creation for the blog:

Valentines Day Beet Pink Hearts

Dry: Almondmeal Flour, Cinnamon, Baking Soda, Salt

Wet: PB&Tahini (Didn’t have a lot of PB so mixed in some tahini.. yum!), Honey & Maple Syrup for sweetener, Vanilla Extract oh and Blended up beets – and some of the beet green stem.

Raspberry Chia Jam Topping: Raspberries, Maple Syrup, Chia Seeds

The strange thing about these cookies was that they batter was SO pink! But when baked, they became browner (duh, right? but I thought the pink would come through more? hmph.) and browner.  So of course I added more and more beet to the wet ingredients.

The end result was an Ombre selection of V-Day Beet Hearts!


I know we aren’t posting quantities of ingredients right now, but a lot of that is because we do a lot of eye-balling.  Also, as this blog is so fresh of the press, we’re still building it up and the quantities don’t seem super important yet.  Right now Hadley and I are trying to put ourselves and our smoothies out there, first and foremost.

We’ll see what comes of it all, we are both SO excited.

Thanks for hanging out!

❤ Gina & Hadley

No, really will you Beet Green my Valentine?

No, really will you Beet Green my Valentine?


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