So it Begins: The Matcha Bowl.

Happy Belly Bowls Debut Creation: The Matcha Bowl.

(Lots&Lots of) Matcha
Raw almond milk

Gina&Hadley made Rawnola  – will reveal ingredients soon..
Buckwheat groats – what?! Amazing.
Raw shelled hempseed
Jungle peanuts
Raw sprouted almonds& pink Himalayan sea salt

Disclaimer: ALL ingredients used are Organic

Yes, even the Love we added is Organic.

Inspired by @leefromamerica

Taste buds are bouncing off the walls. Seriously. So. Good

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder. This powder comes from a very specific part of the plant and the plant is grown in very specific conditions. Read: This is one picky plant. And that’s okay!

Matcha green tea powder contains lots of antioxidants (catechins) and provides a ‘boost’ without all of the caffeine jitters that coffee can be blamed for.  Most importantly, Matcha powder can be blended right into hot water, milk or smoothies and consumed completely, providing even more of all that good shtuff than steeped green tea.


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